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CHERRY VANGELDER SMITH had some minor hits such as 'SILVERBOY' see the Crazee Kids site for a cool download, we've heard others and she made decent glam rock songs, dressed like BOBBIE McGEE a bit too....sure looks GREAT in these photos !....especially the top photo with funky black hat and sparkly glam shirt :)

"We are taught to conform, and nowhere more so than in the interpretation of reality. As we grow up, we learn to ignore certain aspects of reality that are considered ridiculous or hallucinatory by adults around us.

We learn to see geometric forms.

We reach a consensus about the existence of just three dimensions. We come to agreements about what the world

should look like.

There is no objective reality, and we do not just observe the physical world. We participate with it.

Information comes to us sometimes in a flash. One report describes how a simple flower border " became a thousand times more brilliant. . . I was not only seeing the colours - I was hearing the colours !

Each was an indescribably exquisite musical sound, the whole sound making a harmony that no instruments could produce."

( quotes from - Beyond Supernatural )

article from 70s rock magazine