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70s invasion - 70s Punk ; CORTINAS, THE LURKERS, THE DOCKX

THE CORTINAS - 'FASCIST DICTATOR/TELEVISION FAMILIES' single, '78, this band were the real thing, true punk rock

THE LURKERS had a unique punk sound

"The mystic who passes away from this world during the smoke, the night, the moonless fortnight, or in the six months when the sun passes to the south, or who reaches the moon planet, again comes back." (Bg. 8.25) No one can say when he is going to die, and in that sense the moment of one's death is accidental. However, for a devotee in Krsna consciousness, there is no question of "accidents."

sukla-krsne gati hy ete, jagatah sasvate mate,

ekaya yaty anavrttim, anyayavartate punah,

"According to the Vedas, there are two ways of passing from this world--one in light and one in darkness. When one passes in light, he does not come back; but when one passes in darkness, he returns." (Bg. 8.26) The same description of departure and return is quoted by Acarya Baladeva Vidyabhusana from the Chandogya Upanisad. In such a way, those who are fruitive laborers and philosophical speculators from time immemorial are constantly going and coming. Actually they do not attain ultimate salvation, for they do not surrender to Krsna.

naite srti partha janan, yogi muhyati kascana,

tasmat sarvesu kalesu, yoga-yukto bhavarjuna,

"The devotees who know these two paths, O Arjuna, are never bewildered. Therefore be always fixed in devotion." (Bg. 8.27) Herein the Lord confirms that there is no "chance" for one who practices bhakti-yoga. His destination is certain. Whether he dies when the sun is in the northern or southern hemisphere is of no importance. As we have already stated, if one thinks of Krsna at the time of death, he will at once be transferred to Krsna's abode. Therefore Krsna tells Arjuna to always remain in Krsna consciousness. This is possible through the chanting of Hare Krsna. Since Krsna and His spiritual kingdom are nondifferent, being absolute, Krsna and His sound vibration are the same. Simply by vibrating Krsna's name, we can enjoy Krsna's association. If we are walking down the street chanting Hare Krsna, Krsna is also going with us. If we walk down the street and look up at the sky, we may see that the sun or the moon is accompanying us. I can recall about fifty years ago, when I was a householder, my second son, who was about four years old at the time, was walking with me down the street, and he suddenly asked me, "Father, why is the moon going with us?"

If a material object like the moon has the power to accompany us, we can surely understand that the Supreme Lord, who is all-powerful, can always remain with us. Being omnipotent, He can always keep us company, provided that we are also qualified to keep His company. Pure devotees are always merged in the thought of Krsna and are always remembering that Krsna is with them. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu has confirmed the absolute nature of Krsna in His Siksastaka

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this is actually pre-punk, campy rock from '77, may have been recorded in '76.......really different style wise from the above bands, and this 45 was a lot more scarce to come by than the bands music pictured above who were naturally a LOT better, but small bands like this still helped to change things in a small way, musically it was fast, loud music and they sound like EDDIE and the HOT RODS ...the singer starts yelling and screaming, 'YEA, WELL ALLRIGHT !..........later the band sings'ROCKET TOGETHER THIS NIGHT, ROCKING TOGETHER ALLRIGHT' !