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70s invasion - Counter Culture Images


The terminology of "Time" is often used to state the occurrence of an event(s). But Time is just a human concept, as the Soul is Eternal and its physical counterpart is Transient. But human concepts are often in contradiction to the realities of the Universe, and on a subconscious level humans understand this. That brings us to a new definition of Time, which is the measurement of the intervals between each Thought - the speed of Thought. Thought itself is just re-creative energy and may be used according to your own awareness.

Humans perceive time as a condition for scheduling activities/events or for preventing enlightenment. Isn't it odd to think that we place so much importance on something that doesn't even exist?

Time is the greatest distance known to man and the shortest to the Creator. It's like a freeway with an infinite number of lanes, all leading from the past into the future. However, not into the same future, as our lives are already predestined. Although we know the Truth, we hear the Thought in a way that makes sense to us, as our growth is represented by the contradictory behavior in our lives. Therefore, human concepts can only be fully understood by a Being with an infinite regression. This brings us to the shift of Time, or as it's best known - "time travel."

Most of us still dream of time travel, even if we know its endless possibilities(?). Scientifically, it's quite a step to demonstrate that subatomic particles can travel backwards in Time. What would be the result of animals or people traveling through Time?;_ylt=A0oGknH5zRdI3.YAA8JXNyoA?p=nde+and+time&fr=yfp-t-360&ei=UTF-8 ....