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yes FANCY MEETING YOU HERE was really the name of this early 70s band, from europe maybe holland or germany, they featured a female singer, they were in the prog rock / hard rock genre....

Since I am made in the likeness of God I must expect the photograph to be developed in the dark.

There have been many near-perfect souls in the history of spirituality who have allowed themselves to be deflected after years of faithful prayer. Where laziness has failed, false mysticism has succeeded.

Religious fidelity is paying practical tribute in our daily lives to the sum of truth. We select what we feel to be reasonable. We do not go beyond what we see. Faith asks total faith.

from 'Considerations by Van Zeller

ABACUS were in the junk shop glam genre and released the fine single 'INDIAN DANCER' amongst others, see page 12 maybe for reviews, honestly we can't remember where we placed everything on this site....