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the Garnets made a really great 45 called 'LEILA' in the mid 70s, it has elements of prog, rock and glam, with monk-like chanting, see page 12 for reviews....

TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS played on the same bill as the SEX PISTOLS did in '76 at small clubs, their sound was pre-punk, see back several galleries perhaps in our gateway 5 for another photo and more info....

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6

As a lamp in a windless place does not waver, so the transcendentalist, whose mind is controlled, remains always steady in his meditation on the transcendent Self.


A truly Krsna conscious person, always absorbed in transcendence, in constant undisturbed meditation on his worshipable Lord, is as steady as a lamp in a windless place.

The stage of perfection is called trance, or samadhi, when one's mind is completely restrained from material mental activities by practice of yoga. This is characterized by one's ability to see the self by the pure mind and to relish and rejoice in the self. In that joyous state, one is situated in boundless transcendental happiness and enjoys himself through transcendental senses. Established thus, one never departs from the truth and upon gaining this he thinks there is no greater gain. Being situated in such a position, one is never shaken, even in the midst of greatest difficulty. This indeed is actual freedom from all miseries arising from material contact.

The LOLLIPOPS were a mid 70s band with a few singles to their credit we heard one song in the past, it wasn't bad, they played pop-rock,