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JACKIE BARRON 45 from about '74 or so

MARILYN released this trashy rock 45 around '74, we can testify it is kinda trashy and pretty good rock music....

( On Man ) ....had been prefigured from the beginning and that the universe had been organized with him in mind. The situation is something like that of walking through a hall of mirrors and being pulled out of shape. The mirror of time does that to all things living, and the distortions stay. Nevertheless there is a pattern of sorts, so that if you come by the mirror that makes men, and somewhere behind you there is a mirror that makes black cats, you can still see the pattern. You and the cat are related; the shreds of the original shape are in your bones and the shreds of primordial thought patterns move in the eyes of both of you and are understood by both.

( On seeing something rare in nature, between man and animal ).......' To see from an inverted angle, however is not a gift alloted merely to the human imagination. I have come to suspect that within their degree it is sensed by animals, though perhaps as rarely as among men. The time has to be right; one has to be, by chance or intention, upon the border of two worlds. And sometimes these two borders may shift or interpenetrate and one sees the miraculous.

I learned there that time is a series of planes existing superficially in the same universe. The tempo is a human illusion, a subjective clock ticking in our own kind of protoplasm.

excerts from the book ' The Immense Journey ' by LOREN EISELEY

this is a 45 from the lp 'ROMANCE in on the RISE' by one GENEVIEVE WAITE released around '73/'74, it was produced by her husband of the time JOHN PHILLIPS formerly of the MAMAS and the PAPAS, they have a daughter named BIJOU, she says her mom's lp was campy pop and rock music and we bet it's pretty good, maybe as good as the cover :)