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70s invasion Glam Rock - The JETS, PENGUIN

The Christ Grid ~

The concept of grids is easy to understand if one has done some investigation of sacred geometry. In order to delve deeper into the understanding of consciousness grids, we will need to lay some groundwork first. For those who are new to sacred geometry, let me first say that grids are expressions of energy and consciousness that follow proportions defined by principles of sacred geometry and they span the entire multidimensional universe. What is sacred geometry? Everyone knows what geometry is, and anyone can draw a geometric form. But when you relate Great Spirit, consciousness, or "God" and the opening of the heart to geometry, you are creating sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the expression of geometry related to the evolution of consciousness, mind, body, and spirit in geometric terms. True sacred geometry is not just static angular forms. It is organic and living-it is in constant evolution (transcendence) or devolution (materialization), ascending or descending from one form to another.

So the grid of the planet is an actual geometric and energetic expression of the principles of creation that can serve as a bridge between our planet's physical and energetic manifestions. To get an idea of how vast the grid actually is, let's look first at our planet. On this planet, in order for the smallest particle, element or compound to congeal and materialize, it needs a blueprint and a template for its construction and purpose of existence.

The blueprint and template for our planet is the grid itself. The grid serves as a guide or blueprint around which muons, quarks, positrons, electron, atoms and finally compounds organize. The grid ensures proper distribution and alignment of the needed elemental components, which are the building blocks for creation. It also insures the proper distribution and alignment of life-force energy and the many frequencies needed to maintain an effective energetic phase relationship of the planets frequency spectrum. (Phase relationship ensures coherency, but that is a subject too vast for this article.)

for more info on the Christ Grid see this site ~

2 images of the JETS rare single 'YEAH' released around '74 or so, it is a defintive entry in the Junk Shop glam category with strong synths and enthusiastic vioces....

Penguin's single from '75 had the 50s doo-wop sound.......