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70s invasion - Miscellaneous 70s ; SWEAT TALLEY / FM St. JUDE / Underground magazines

SWEAT TALLEY released this single sometime in the 70s, said to be whacked out outsider music, not sure what else he did

Frederick Michael St. JUDE lp came out around '77, acoustic glam-pop

Prayer operates on something more than determination and discipline. Yet without determination and discipline it is not likely to become the abiding reality which it is meant to be. Indeed it will not survive.

It is in patient prayer - which supposes perseverance as well as dependence - that the soul begins to see how fallen man is. It is one thing to know this academically and another to know it experimentally...from the inside.

To be committed to the way which is Christ means being committed to whatever aspects of it he may introduce me to. It will probably involve opposition and frustration and disappointment, it will possibly involve shame and guilt, it will most certainly mean the cross and obedience "even unto death. "


various underground rock and punk magazines of the 70s, Note: BETTE BRIGHT on the cover of BLITZ, she was from DEAF SCHOOL, also check out the ad for SOME CHICKEN who released a killer punk single in '77 called 'BLOOD ON THE WALL' ( see page 6 )