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70s invasion ; MISCELLANOUS Girls of the 70s ; KIM JUNG MI, MANDY,

KIM JUNG MI began her career in the late 60s in Korea singing pop and rock music and released some sought after lps into the 70s, she is pictured here above in concert, search out an lp she released in '73 called NOW for a good mix of Korean folk-pysch and can hear some samples here at this link ~

' As the number of deep sea soundings increased, as men slowly grasped the antiquity of that dark, cold world that is called the abyssal plain, a new idea arose : the notion, as i have hinted of a lost world in reverse, a midnight city of refuge in which the present mingled with the past. It was of course a place without depths, the place without light since the beginning, and whose extent no continent above the waters could ever fill.'

There is a mystery about those thickenings which culminate in the so-called solid brain. It is the brain of insects, of modern fishes, of some reptiles and all birds. Always it marks the appearance of elaborate patterns of instinct and the end of thought. A road has been taken which, anatomically, is well nigh irretraceable; it does not lead in the direction of a high order of consciousness.

The eternal form eludes us-the shape we conceive as ours. Perhaps the old road through the marsh should tell us. We are one of many appearances of the thing called Life; we are not it's perfect image, for it has no image except Life, and life is multitudinous and emergent in the stream of life.

excerts from the book ' The Immense Journey ' by LOREN EISELEY

MANDY was a self titled jazz lp released in the mid 70s, don't know anything else about this artist

interesting cover, not sure who the model is...