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70s invasion - 70s Glam - MOGAN DAVID and HIS WINOS / TIGER SMITH / RICK NORMAN


MOGAN DAVID and HIS WINOS released this lp in '73 said to be a treasure of pre-punk glam, we heard some of the music back in '06, indeed it has some real STRONG music in it, the band were based in L.a. and had fans on the westside - ucla/the beach, the lp featured strong street glam songs like 'BEAUTY QUEEN', and 'STREET BABY', the name of the lp is called 'SAVAGE YOUNG WINOS', see the Pure Pop Blog for more info ~


Rick NORMAN released this motorcycle rocker back in '73, about a Harley

When we look closely at our 3D reality, we can see sacred geometry in all things. Minerals organize themselves in sacred geometric proportions and we can see this in most gem and mineral books, which lay out their respective geometric blueprint.

The planetary grid then is like a garden "trellis". The garden trellis guides vines and other plants to stretch and grow out and up across the latticework in a certain "shape". The two principal elements of a grid are the latticework and the fabric. Both have qualities or characteristics. We could call the latticework the masculine aspect and the fabric the feminine. Both work harmoniously with each other to integrate the diversity of life. This is similar to the metal ribs and the waterproof fabric of an umbrella. The metal structure allows for the fabric to be stretched across it so its full functionality can be expressed.

With human beings, we have a similar analogy. As spiritual beings in a human body, our spiritual aspect is born of a fabric that is so all-encompassing and holographic that it is literally connected with and spans all life and all of creation. To place the immenseness of all that into a physical body means that we have to fold up the vast umbrella of our being into a kind of butterfly cocoon and temporarily close it, awaiting the time when we unfurl our fabric and remember who we truly are. Nested and folded within all of us is an infinite expanse of fractal and holographic fabric of tremendous interconnection with all of creation.

The Christ Consciousness grid is the planet's version of this umbrella analogy - a fully opened fabric of creation that keeps us connected to our origins and stimulates us to evolve forward into reunification.

Consciousness grids hold the memory of cosmic interconnectedness, thus stimulating self-actualization for those who attune to them.

How would you describe the Christ grid for those who are not familiar with the concept? Essentially, what is it?

Ron: The Christ Consciousness Grid exists around the Earth and is reported by different researchers at varying heights above the Earth. I believe that due to the holographic and fractal nature of the grid, it appears at different levels because, in truth, it is everywhere. The Christ Grid is purported to be anchored by its axis at Cairo and Moorea, while many of its nodal points are laid out upon the surface of the Earth. These nodal points correspond to natural energy power spots, which many of the ancient cultures have pinpointed and utilized.

This Christ grid is different from the dodecahedronal grid that Plato described. It includes connecting the center of the Dodecahedronal pentagons with the corners using five more lines (of the same length) for each of the twelve pentagons. This creates what is called the stellated dodecahedron form, and that form is associated with "Christ consciousness". There is a vast difference in consciousness and experience between the dodecahedron and the stellated dodecahedron.

To get a good understanding of what the Christ grid is we have to look at the preceding stages of consciousness grids and understand them. This will build a good foundation. (These stages are the geometric forms that precede the stellated dodecahedron such as the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron and finally, the integration of all the forms, the stellated dodecahedron-representing the integration of all of our aspects. Currently we are doing much research in this area and in subsequent books and seminars we will introduce new technology based on this information.)


TIGER B. SMITH released an lp of street glam trash rock in '75, sounds range from SWEET, SLADE, GLITTER BAND - MC5, this one was their 2nd lp, see this link for a great review ~

see the band in action from a rare clip ~