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70s invasion Glam Girls - MOTHER TRUCKER


classify under the Glam Girls Hall of Fame.....this mid 70s girl band from the u.k. or u.s. , we got mixed info on them, but from the 2 45 sleeves we have of these BEAUTIFUL girls looks like a different band, the 2 songs are STONES-like glam rock with pretty good vocals to back them up, electric guitars and horns add for a great mix........'TONIGHT' is cool laid back glam rock ....'I'VE BEEN TRAVELIN AROUND THE COUNTRY, BACK THEN I COULD USE SOME CHANGES IN EVERYDAY, I HEARD SOME PEOPLE SAY WE CAME ON WELL JUST A LITTLE BIT TOO STRONG FOR THE THINGS WE SAY, WE SANG A N.y. CITY FOLK SONG ABOUT THE DIRT AND THE GRIME'.........

the b side 'PROPELLER LOVE' shows the band playing a tighter number with the STONES-type sound, the girl sings confidently.......'I LOVE WHAT I SOLD, WALKIN' DOWN THE STREET, MY HEAD WAS DANCIN' ( ? ) .......A MINUTE, IT LIFTED ME UP AND FLEW ME AWAY, WHERE THE HOT PANTS........'...

'75 lp tracklisting

Goin' Back, Big Mama, Tonight, Fancy Dan, Shine It On, Love In Them There Hills,

Wrap It Up, Rock 'N' Roll Lady, When I'm Alone With You, Propeller Love, Explosion In My Soul, Billy John........

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