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70s invasion - 70s Glam - PARIS PALACE / JAVA JELLY / NIMBUS


glam rock single circa '74

NIMBUS made a happy go lucky glam-pop single in '74, reviewed on page 15....

excerts from the book ' A SEARCH FOR GOD '

( The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Va Beach )

( page 86 )

We are living in a material world of 3 dimensions; the spirituality that we wish to reflect must be expressed in and through material thought and activity, if we sincerly desire to reach and to awaken others.

It is only in the appilcation of our spiritual attributes day by day that we become living examples, showing our att-one-ment with Him; thus, we not only open the door, but as channels, are doors. Let us not forget, as we work, that those we meet along the way are seekers also and are the Israel of the Lord.

PARIS PALACE single circa '74