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70s invasion - 70s Glam ~ HEART, RATTLES


different color sleeve from the early 70s dutch glam band HEART as led by PATRICIA PAAY....


see our gateway 5 for another single from RATTLES

"A pure devotee of the Lord does not live on any planet of the material sky, nor does he feel any contact with material elements. His so-called material body does not exist, being surcharged with the spiritual current of the Lord's identical interest, and thus he is permanently freed from all contaminations of the sum total of the mahat-tattva. He is always in the spiritual sky, which he attains by being transcendental to the sevenfold material covering by the effect of his devotional service. The conditioned souls are within the coverings, whereas the liberated soul is far beyond the cover." ~ Srimad-Bhagavatam, 1.13.55,

"Love of Godhead is dormant in every living entity, and the entire process of devotional service unto the Lord is meant for awakening this dormant, eternal love of Godhead." (Bhag. 3.2.20)

There is no expenditure, there is no tax, nor is there any need to build a very big church or temple. Anyone, anywhere, can sit down on the road or beneath a tree and chant the Hare Krsna mantra and worship God. Therefore it is a great opportunity." (Science of Self-Realization, p.134

Thai ep with RATTLES on the cover, and what a cover this is ! see the band live on our downloads 4 page singing 'THE WITCH' and other pysch - glam favorites :)

and no they had nothing to do with the doobie brothers, many thai eps came out with a different band on the cover other than what was inside....