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70s invasion Glam Girls - SANDY POWERS, PUNCHIN' JUDY

SANDY POWERS 'ROCK IT OUT' classify under the Glam Girls Hall of Fame.....GREAT glam rock circa '74/ '75, this girl is dressed in sci-fi clothes and has a cool futuristic hat to match, raunchy sound with echoes ! ' TONITE, STARFIGHT, PRESSURE' s MOUNTING ALL THE TIME , WHAT A FIGHT, AND KNOW WHEN WE....................ON THE LIGHT OF MODERN TIME........AND WHAT CAN YOU DO, ROCK IT OUT, ROCK IT OUT, ROCK IT OUT, TONITE ' !.....we'd really love to find out anything else on her,

reviews of this incredible song are also on our 2nd glam girls page accessible from the bottom of page 21

PUNCHIN' JUDY featuring pretty BARBARA O'MEARA released this cool glam lp around '73, the music is a great mix of glam and raunchy rock and roll, the old fahsioned kind, the opener is real groovy, .......on the opener settle done you can hear shades of SUZI Q. N.y. DOLLS, and the STONES....'READY WERE GONNA RULE WHEN THE TRAIN WAS ABOUT TO ROLL, PICK UP YOUR SUITCASE AND GET ON BOARD, SETTLE DOWN', and the band makes a whistle train niose in the chorus....

on the another number the band pounds out inventive STONES like rock, the guitar blends with futuristic sounds....sings Barbara 'EXIT ME, AFRAID OF WHAT I'LL SEE IF I HANG AROUND TOO LONG, sings the band 'YOU WON'T GET ME', if you like glam band SLACK ALICE, you'll like this band......'TAXI JOE' is pretty pop-rock with studio effects.....her singing is better on the first 2 tunes above

she's got some cool platforms paired with a fancy gown and hat, you can also see another photo of the band on a long lost 45 check our gateway 5, or 4 maybe

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