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70s invasion - 70s Glam-Pop w/girls; SHADES / ZODIAC / RAPSAT

the SHADES single from '74 is pure super-pop, sound of '74 captured complete with police sirens, narrator telling billy to give himself up while the girls sing 'run, billy, run'....

glam dutch band ZODIAC released this single in '76 'Louie Louie / Back Again', with female vocals, it's allright, at the least the band looked trashy,



All these conclusions are like the newly grown twigs of a mango tree; they are always pleasing to the devotees, who in this way resemble cuckoo birds.

TEXT 235 - TRANSLATION The camellike nondevotees cannot enter into these topics. Therefore there is special jubilation in my heart.

TEXT 236 - TRANSLATION For fear of them I do not wish to speak, but if they do not understand, then what can be happier in all the three worlds ?

TEXT 237 - TRANSLATION Therefore after offering obeisances to the devotees, for their satisfaction I shall speak without hesitating.

TEXT 238 - TRANSLATION Once Lord Krsna considered within His heart,"Everyone says that I am complete bliss, full of all rasas.

TEXT 239 - TRANSLATION "All the world derives pleasure from Me. Is there anyone who can give Me pleasure?"

see this link for more info ~

RAPSAT's single ' Natural Daisy / Music Man' was released in belgium, Pierre RAPSAT was from the TENDERFOOT KIDS who were a late 60s psych group in belgium.....unlike the above singles this one featured no girls....