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70s invasion - 70s Rock w/Girl Singers -BROWNSTONE / EARTH and FIRE / ROCK MEN

...the following bands were all fronted by girl singers in the 70s.... rock band featuring girl singer circa '73

' Nothing so effectively blocks communication between God and the soul as dead weight of preoccuopation with self. Sin blocks the way to and from God, but then sin is an aspect - the more manifestly reprehensible aspect of preoccuopation with self.

' Man's instinctive straining towards happiness is as natural as a bubble of air under water straining towards the surface. The curious thing is that when man reaches the surface he does not know where to look or what to do next.'

'Only when you have not submitted to life as handed to you by the providence of God need the thought of death discourage. Instinctvely you know that if you cannot accept the life God sends, neither will you accept the death he sends. The two go together.'

~ ' Considerations '


dutch band circa '69 EARTH and FIRE,

...we have a small review maybe somewhere on page 5 not exactly sure, but it's a review of the band from the later 70s....

ROCK MEN were from italy, this single of 2 glam covers came out in '75, they were sung by this glam girl on the cover, anyone know her name ?