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In the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, there stands a stately old church which is known to the residents of that city simply as "Gray Friars". During its 380 years of existence, Gray Friars has seen a variety of things take place. At one time it was a monastery for Franciscan monks. A short time later it was a meeting place for those who were involved in the Protestant Reformation. It was a place that is well know, a place draped in history, a place that once was the boyhood church of Sir Walter Scott. Gray Friars is the very essence of history and dignity. Yet for all of its history and dignity, Gray Friars is the scene of a most unusual story about a dog. The story goes like this.

In the spring of 1858, a rather unimportant citizen of Edinburgh by the name of John Gray died. Since he was a member of the parish of Gray Friars, John Gray was buried in the graveyard right next to Gray Friars church. Among the many mourners at John Gray's graveside was his faithful companion, Bob, a sky terrier. Even at the time of the funeral, it was obvious to those who were gathered at the graveside that John Gray's death was the hardest on Bob, as he sat there slump shouldered and his head bowed. Yet even the most perspective at the funeral couldn't begin to guess how Bob would express his grief. Following the funeral, Bob refused to leave his master's graveside. He refused to leave it, not just for the rest of that day, not just for that night, but he refused to leave that graveside for the next 14 years. Allowing himself only an hour or two a day to be away from the graveside in order to find the food he needed to exist, Bob remained at John's side. Indeed his presence became so well know, his loyalty became so widely known that he became an early form of tourist attraction. People came from all over, by the thousands to gaze and wonder about this dog who refused to leave his master's side.

the story is true, see this link for the REST OF THE STORY, ( you can also read this story and many other good ones in a book by PAUL HARVEY called The Rest of the Story )

if the link don't work try the site The BARNABAS FOUNDATION -

"Stewardship--It's a Response" Rev. Thomas J. Kok Sept. 21, 1997

this miscellaneous lp cover was placed here because we like the period threads of the late 60s and thought she looked spiffy : )