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70s invasion - Punk Girls ; TOO MUCH, SNATCH, CHI PIG

TOO MUCH were a french punk girl band who released this 45 in '78, it sounds like straight ahead X-RAY SPECS style new wave-punk with horns and all, but kinda clean sounding instead of a raw sound

HANSJE a dutch new wave artist, kinda the dutch answer to Blondie covered their single 'SILEX PISTOLS', you can see a gallery of her above this one in our gateway 5, simply go back....

SNATCH were a punk duo from N.y. ( Judy Nylon and Patti Paladin ) who had some singles in the late 70s, see page 7 for reviews....

excerts from NEWS of the WIERD, week of feb 17th '08

Would "News of the Weird" Exist Without Alcohol? On Nov. 18, two inebriated men in separate cars, driving by the Carpet Classic Floor Studio in Highland Township, Mich., lost control at the same time, and both smashed into the store. [WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.)-AP, 11-19-07]

Christopher Dougherty, 22, the subject of a "drunk pedestrian" police call in Kingsport, Tenn., on Oct. 14, was tracked to a Hardee's restaurant, where he was face-down in a plate of gravy. [Kingsport Times-News, 10-17-07]

Tina Williams was arrested in St. Augustine, Fla., on Super Bowl Sunday, charged with DUI and failure to have her 1-year-old daughter seat-belted or in a car seat. However, a case of Busch beer was safely buckled up in the front seat. [First Coast News, 2-4-08]

from feb 24th

The boss of a factory in North Korea was executed by firing squad before 150,000 people in a South Pyongan province stadium after he was convicted of the crime of making out-of-country telephone calls (November). [Daily Mail (London), 11-26-07]

CHI PIG released this single 'Ring Around The Collar / Bountiful Living' in '78, they featured 2 girls and one guy,