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70s invasion - 70s Punk - U.X.A.

"People only see what they are prepared to see."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

People keep repeating that the main things are love and compassion. Certainly love and compassion are the main things, but it takes knowledge to make love and compassion fruitful. ... It takes just a second to say 'love'. But to acquire knowledge for the well-being and blessing of humanity requires an eternity.

From `Spiritualism, Madame Blavatsky, and Theosophy: an eyewitness view of occult history, lectures by, Rudolf Steiner', Selected and Introduces by Christopher Bamford, p. 104

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

- Joseph Campbell

GREAT punk band U.X.A. were, featuring lovely and talented vocalist Mrs. De De Troit, the band released an lp in '80 that reached new heights in what punk rock could be, very raw recording, seek out a rare video of 'PARANOIA IS FREEDOM' we have a section for them on page 7 with a video review and more info,

debbie harry is our favorite new wave punk vocalist in the female category for the 70s, but our 70s invasion award for ~ BEST UNDERGROUND female punk performance of the 70s goes to this beautiful girl De De Troit in her performance of 'PARANOIA IS FREEDOM', in this particular rare video she is in a funny plaid dress with red and yellow colors, bangles on her wrist, and a safari hat,.... yea and the band is pretty good too -the guys play solid guitar, bass, and drums and good backup vocals,....sings dee...PRESIDENT, COUNSELOR, GENERAL, SURGEON, DOCTOR, PRIEST,.....SIRE !.........I LAUGH AND SHUTTER AT THE PAIN OF AUTHORITY AND RACH FOR THE CHILDREN.......'

she reformed the band in the early 90s with a single called 'Corrupt Ideals/ Stitches' followed by an lp with 2 other new members...they also did an lp called 'TREE PUNKS'.......see page 7 for another section on The United Experiments of America ( U.X.A. )more info to come,

youtube has a cool video for 'death from above' circa '79....