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70s invasion Glam Girls - ELKIE BROOKS, EBONY, GLAM SANDWICH ( Comp. )

VINEGAR JOE featured the lovely and talented ELKIE BROOKS, the band sang rock,glam and old time boogie rock in the early 70s, she had her 1st solo lp in '75.....we have a section for her somewhere on this site maybe page 4....

this one were a disco release about '76

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well these girls pictured here were 70s glam fans who were featured on the cover of a junk shop glam comp. that came out in 2008 or '09 called GLAM SANDWICH featuring many songs reviewed on our site and a few new ones, check out samples here -

notable for containing the RARE b-side to EDWINA BIGLET's 45, it's the last song on the comp.